You need to hear these stories!

Do you remember your parents saying “learn from my mistakes”? The chances are we all could have listened to that advice a bit more (certainly the case for me). However...
Tara Gillespie

Was commuting always this expensive? 🤔

The UK is opening back up, the city is filled with suits and coffee shops have queues again. But what does this mean for our finances?
Mel Palmer

What does £180bn of fun look like?

£180bn is our collective savings since the pandemic began. In this post we explore how you can put that money to work by investing in yourself to have fun today and make that last well into the future.
Tara Gillespie

Can more money buy happiness? True or false?

While most of us would probably answer false and deny having such a cold, mercenary view of our emotional realm, a study of 400 Americans’ intuitions concerning the relationship between wealth and happiness...
Sophie Edmunds

Keep boozing, save money

The global pandemic has given us the opportunity to reflect on our behaviours, actions and habits. I, for one, have rediscovered my love of cooking and have all but cut out takeaways.
Tara Gillespie

Money and Mental health

Money and mental health are dangerously intertwined. Money causes us a great deal of stress. 
Tara Gillespie