What impact is your money having?

Tara Gillespie

“We only do what we do because we don’t know what the consequences are” Greta Thunberg

Have you ever wondered what impact your money is having? What industries and practices you are supporting with your money choices?


Money has so much power. More than I think many people realise. It can change and influence more effectively than anything we can say or do as individuals. This power can, in turn, change and influence our own lives and the world we live in.

Think of your future self. What kind of world do you want to live in? Personally, I want to live in a fair and prosperous world, one that is full of natural beauty.

We talk a lot at Best Intentions about how to make choices with money that help you personally build your wealth and deliver future prosperity. Do we truly understand how our actions with money impact the world around us, today and in future?

You can, and maybe already do, give money to charity to support positive change (which is great by the way, if you can afford to, then definitely keep it up!). There is, sadly, a limit though to how much we can give away before it starts negatively impacting on our own personal needs. 

This month, we are going to empower you with everything you need to know to make choices that have a positive impact on your financial wellbeing AND global sustainability! A double whammy!!

We will go on a journey covering where we earn our money, who we bank with, where we spend it and (obviously) where we invest it. 

STAY TUNED for part 2- you owe this to your future self and future generations.