Truth Bomb: Who Gives A Crap

Tara Gillespie

What's the hype about?

Who Gives A Crap is on a mission to get sanitary toilet facilities to the 40% of our population who don't have access to them. 40%!!! That's a lot! They are doing this by selling us recycled & plastic free toilet roll, kitchen roll & tissues, delivering them directly to our front door and spending half the profits on their mission.

Let's talk costs

Their standard range is £36 for 48 rolls. This is on the expensive end for toilet roll. At supermarkets, if you bulk buy your rolls, they can come in well under £20. Although if you are a bit and buy in small packs as you need them from the shop around the corner then prices are closer per roll.

What's to love?

If we were being picky...

All in all, I am a convert on the mission, the brand and the convenience! Just need to figure out where to store all of these...