Top tips for socialising on a budget

Tara Gillespie

The best thing about friends is that you like them… By definition, you enjoy their company 👭, you have stories to share 🗣, you can look back on memories 🔮 and you can laugh together 🤣.

Doesn’t that sound like fun🎉???

Does any of that involve spending lots of 💰?  We asked asked the Best Intentions community to share their top tips for socialising on a budget and I got some very creative and inspiring suggestions!

Here is a collection of the best tips:

🥑 brunch at home

🏃♀️🏃♀️ go for a jog together

🌳 head to a park

🚏walk around a new part of the city

🥨 go to a market and try free samples

Why not challenge yourself this summer to take advantage of all the fun things you can do with friends on a budget?