Put a freeze on your waste

Amelia Clifford

Here are a couple of tips to help minimize food (and money) waste by using your BFF or Best Freezer Friend! These little tips will help stop you wasting great fresh produce and keep eating great food.

Put simply, USE YOUR FREEZER! Your freezer needs to become your new best friend, not just for frozen peas (although keep reading for a great frozen pea recipe)! No matter how big or small your freezer is (mine is tiny) you will always have room for all of the tips below!

Herb-cube trays
Best Intentions regulars will know my herb tip - it is definitely one of my favourites!

Fresh herbs to add so much to your dishes. They are the best way to level up flavour but when do you ever use the whole pack? They usually end up sat in your fridge for a week where they wilt away and end up in the bin. Well, not any more!

The next time you are cooking a sauce, spag bol, soup or anything, pop them straight into it!

Chilly chillis
Some people (like Tara) use the whole chilli, but for those of us that aren't hardcore heat lovers, you need this in your life! Quite simple..

The next time you want a touch of spice, get a fine grater and grate it frozen straight into your dish. This also saves on any fine chopping (double win)! You can pop the rest back into the freezer for next time!

GnT essentials    
Ice and a slice are must haves in the perfect GnT... but it's just too easy to forget your citrus fruit of choice (disaster)! Never again will your GnTs be without this essential accompaniment.

Every time you go to cut a slice of lemon, lime or grapefruit for your evening drink:

This will save you leaving your fruit half sliced and then not using it and even better you will have a stash of garnish for your drink every time. This is also great for simply popping into water as well to help liven up the flavour and looks fancy for if and when you do have guests over!

Looking forward to sharing some more frugal foodie thoughts soon!

Amelia x

P.s. When you need a quick, healthy, low cost meal - here is one of my freezer favourite recipes:

Pea and Herb soup


Method (serves 2):

Season to taste and serve in a bowl.