New Tax Year!

Tara Gillespie

New year is always an exciting time!!

And we have just ticked over into a new tax year.. so guess what?! It's time to talk ISAs!

Exciting, right?

Seriously though, we are talking tax free earnings on your savings.. up to £20k this year!

They come in different shapes and sizes, to suit your saving needs:

- Want to start saving? Cash ISA 

- Want to buy a house? Lifetime ISA.

- Want to squirrel away for retirement? Also Lifetime ISA.

- Want to have a go at investing? Stocks and shares ISA.

- Do something for yourself in isolation.. start isa-lating the right isa for you to get the most from your savings!

What does it stand for?

Individual Savings Account

How do I get one?

Most high-street banks offer a range of ISAs.

Top tip: With interest rates so low at the moment, for cash ISAs it might be worth sticking with your current account so make sure you compare the interest rates.

Money Saving Expert do a good comparison of ISAs from different banks -