Money & Friends: Get talking

Tara Gillespie

You know that feeling.. You speak to someone about something that's bothering you, something you are grappling with. It can feel like such a relief. Even without them giving you any advice, just voicing that issue can bring the answer to you.


18 million Brits worry about money every day. EVERY DAY!


So what do we do? Talk about it? Share the load? Learn from each other? No.. We don't!


We just don’t talk about it. Not to our friends, our family or even our partners! It isn’t uncommon that couples will go decades of marriage without being honest about their finances. 


And the crazy thing is, it affects everyone. People who are bad with money are too embarrassed to admit it in case they look like they've failed. People who are good with money are too embarrassed to admit it in case they look like they're bragging.


The real bummer is that when we do talk about money it is usually useless snippets of none sense. We all know that person who brags about some awesome trade they did in some speculative company, that you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO DO. Don't they sound big and clever.. Annoyingly that is just compounding the issue. If you aren't an investing expert (which most of us aren't!!) then comments like that are confusing and intimidating. And guess what, you absolutely SHOULD NOT do it.


Meanwhile, the rest of us are worried about edging closer to our overdraft on the 20th of the month. Or being mind-boggled by some jargon our company has thrown at us about a pension. And not to mention all the acronyms ISA, APR, SIP, ETF, WTF?!


Yes, the rest of us... But the rest of us is actually the vast majority of us. It could be your house mate, and your brother. It could be your best friend from school, and any of the lads from the rugby club. It might even be that person you are cheers-ing in an expensive cocktail bar in the City whilst you are both reciting the same monologue "I can't afford to be here, I really can't afford this".


What if we put a stop to this?

What if we learned from each other's experiences and mistakes?

What if we all knew what our financial goals are and supported each other with them?

What if we knew when our friends were struggling with money?

What if we started talking about money?


Here are 5 top money tips. Ones we at Best Intentions are on a mission to share with anyone and everyone. Your challenge for this weekend is to share one of these tips with 2 of your friends AND ask them to share it with 2 of their friends. If that happens every day for the next 7 days, you personally will be responsible for something incredible. 128 people talking about money!


Check out our infographic of our top tips here


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