Isolation Granola Bars

Mel Palmer

How annoying is it when you find an amazing recipe, you head to the shops and you can't find the ingredients. Your healthy inspiration moment suddenly fades into the distance.

In the age of Corona, this has got a little bit worse so I've had to get a bit creative. So here is the Best Intentions take on granola bars.

Step 1: Buying / finding the ingredients

The oats 150g (when you can't find any oats in the shop, suddenly the muesli I bought a few weeks ago that 'couldn't possibly be used for making the granola bars' feels perfect.

The glue that holds it all together:

Peanut Butter 1tbsp

Butter 50g

Honey 1 tbsp

Cinnamon powder - a sprinkle

You can increase / decrease these depending on how you are feeling!

Step 2: Let's get toasty

Pour the oats or museli into a baking tin, I used a roasting tin so whatever you can find

(No need to remove any of the extras in the museli in case you were thinking about it - watch our second episode of 'Let's Talk' to understand my apprehension here!)

Put into the oven at 150 degrees / fan 130 degrees / gas 2 for 10-15 mins.

Step 3: Making the glue

Put all the other ingredients in pan and heat until all melted and smooshed together.

Step 4: The final stretch

Once the oats are done toasting add them into the pan and mix thoroughly.

Pour back into the baking tin and cook for xxx.

Step 5: Eat!

And voila - yummy granola bars.

Top Tip: This is a halved recipe so I didn't make too much and ate it all in one day while Working From Home - feel free to quarter it if you are worried about your willpower!