Impactful money: Where do you earn it?

Tara Gillespie

Your impactful money journey starts with where you earn your money. 

A positive impact on society and the environment feature highly on the millennial value list,  and 88% of millennials want to work for a company that reflects their values; if they feel a strong connection then they are 5x more likely to stay working for that company. This works for employers too! It is now generally accepted that companies driven by a purpose beyond money, and with long term goals, do better.

However, in spite of the recent popularity of “purpose statements”, too many companies are still only incentivised by short-term results and are blinded by the status quo. They have their blinkers on to the problems they are perpetuating around them!

So ask yourself the question, does the company you work for stand up for what’s right on the big societal issues of today?

If you want to know, then here are some questions to give you a clearer picture. Is your company:

If you don’t like the answers to those questions.. DON’T WORRY! I know as well as you that we don’t always have the luxury of deciding who we earn our money from, particularly in the current climate. 

Instead, ask yourself what small thing you can do within your company that can make a difference. Can you call out discrimination? Can you suggest a new supplier for office equipment that is recycled or recyclable? Can you support the hiring process to encourage more diversity? Can you help your company become the type of organisation you want to earn your money from?

Individually these may seem like small steps but when you have lots of individuals taking lots of small steps in lots of companies around the world...That is when giant leaps are landed!