How to make £1,200 from your morning coffee!

Tara Gillespie

BI feat. @blue_plate_planet on how to make £1,200 from your morning coffee ☕️!

In her quest to empower us with the facts and science behind our diet and our gut @blue_plate_planet has turned attention to coffee ☕️

Aside from the health benefits (check out her last post 👉).. there is also the matter of money 💸!

When she switched to buying bags of artisan coffee (the really good stuff 👌) and enjoying it at home 🏡 (see exhibit A ☝️).. rather than heading to a cafe on route to work, guess what happened…… 🥁 🥁 🥁..

“Genuinely surprised how much you actually save in just a year! About £1200 – scary! That’s enough for me to fly back to SA and have a decent holiday there”

A ✈️ to South Africa 🇿🇦 for the price of coffee ☕️.. seems too good to be true! EXCEPT IT ISN'T!!!!

Top tip from this gorgeous lady.. “Today I bought my bag of coffee from @notescoffee and you get a free cup of coffee with every bag”