5 Ways to Socialise in Quarantine

Mel Palmer

Sick of the humble quiz? Here are 5 OTHER ways you can socialise in quarantine: 

1. Visit a new place each week

And I don't mean in the real world! Why not agree to do a themed night every Saturday with your housemates, partner, family members?

You could visit Italy by making pizzas from scratch and drinking a lovely bottle of red wine. Take a trip to Mexico and make tacos and have margaritas. Head to the alps and have Raclette or go to Portugal and have tapas.

Experience the culinary delights you are dreaming of from the comfort of your home (well an attempt at least).

It's a great way to have something to look forward to and means another opportunity to test out your cooking skills beyond making banana bread...

2. Fancy Dress

Put away your pyjamas and get out your fancy dress box. There's nothing like wearing a Penguin outfit to break out of the status quo of quarantine life.

Get yourself on Zoom, show off your beak and have a virtual celebration. Themed fancy dress nights are very much encouraged (so are photographs sent to the Best Intentions gang).

3. Murder Mystery

The big question is.. Are you a murderer??? 

Head to murdermysteryparty.co.uk to immerse yourself (and up to 11 of your closest friends, family, colleagues or anyone really) in a gripping murder mystery. There is a bit of #2 mixed in as you are each given a character to impersonate for the night - fancy dress and all. 

Don’t worry, your script is predefined. Hilarious euphemisms and mysterious charm included. 

4. Beer Pong

They say creativity is born from being under pressure. Well the beer drinkers (or G&T, or whatever you put in the cups) have not disappointed.

Set up your 6 cups at both ends of the table and carefully set your laptop up behind the furthest away cups (obviously at a safe distance!).

Fill the ones furthest away with water and the ones closest with your drink of choice.

NB: There's much less peer pressure at home so why not put something nice in there rather than warm beer?

When you land the ping pong ball they drink from the matching cup in their home and vice versa!

5. Quarantine Ready Steady cook

With not all ingredients available in the shop, sometimes you need to stray away from the recipe.

In this simple game you go out and buy 6 random ingredients for the person you live with (or tell someone who lives in a different household what to buy), and READY. STEADY. COOK.

You never know, you might find out you are a master chef, or in my case that you're not...

So there we have it 5 creative ways to socialise in quarantine. Let us know what you've been up to @allourbestintentions